Most Common Traffic Offenses

Traffic lights over urban intersection

Traffic offenses and tickets are a common occurrence. In fact, many jurisdictions in the United States receive a good percentage of their budgets from violations and fees. While traffic offenses can pose financial stress and annoyance to those who receive them, law enforcement will continue to write them in an attempt to keep roads safe in Springfield.

However, as a driver, you can make a decision to commit to safe practices on the road, avoiding these most common traffic offenses.


Driving under the influence is a frequent traffic offense that can result in severe damage to other individuals and property. Driving while drunk actually causes more than 10,000 deaths yearly. If you are stopped and suspected of a DWI, you can face steep fines, lose your license, or even time in jail. How do you remedy this issue? When drinking, utilize a rideshare service, or have a designated driver. You can prevent your friends from making the decision to drive under the influence as well.


Many individuals exceed the speed limit while driving. However, it is one of the most common violations that you can receive a ticket for. Excessive speeding can result in severe accidents or death. You can avoid this from happening by following the speed limits as they are posted. Furthermore, you should always plan enough time to get to your destination, so you have no reason to rush.

Driving Distracted

It can be easy to get distracted while you are behind the wheel. Maybe you have passengers in the car with you, and the conversations are hard to ignore. In other instances, you may feel the need to glance at your phone to answer a text or change a song. It only takes a second for something to happen on the roads, and if you are distracted you may not have an appropriate response time. Don’t be the cause of an accident and minimize your distractions in the car.

Driving Recklessly

Failing to adhere to safe driving practices, such as using a turning signal, can cause major accidents to occur. Furthermore, you can receive a traffic ticket for reckless driving. In order to avoid this, always make sure you follow important driving rules, such as wearing your seatbelt, signaling appropriately, and gradual breaking. Engaging in safe driving habits can keep you and others safe on the road!

Running Traffic Signs or Signals

Ignoring a stop sign or light can put yourself and others in danger. In fact, a ticket for a failure to stop is one of the most expensive violations you can receive. Traffic signs and signals are there to keep you and others safe. When you fail to follow them, you can easily cause an accident. Always pay attention to the signals and signs ahead, slowing down when necessary.

Received a Traffic Offense?

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