What is a No Refusal Zone?

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Learning Your Rights in a No Refusal Zone

While Missouri state law deems that drivers have consented to blood tests while suspected of driving drunk under its "implied consent" law, you may refuse to submit to the test. If you do refuse, a police officer could file a search warrant to draw your blood. However, what happens if you’re pulled over in one of Missouri’s No Refusal Zones?

Missouri’s No Refusal Zones: Explained

No Refusal Zones were created to combat the common practice of drivers refusing field sobriety tests, police and prosecutors gaining less evidence, and defense attorneys aggressively fighting their client’s rights.

A Missouri police officer can obtain a search warrant for a blood alcohol test in a No Refusal Zone almost automatically after a driver refuses a breathalyzer. The difference in procedure here is how quickly a cop can expedite their request to draw blood.

Where are there No Refusal Zones in Missouri?

Before this measure was enacted, St. Louis officials noted that the refusal rate for a field sobriety test was almost 50%. In addition to St. Louis, Greene County Christian County, Franklin County, and St. Charles Country have implemented No Refusal Zones.

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